Echeos 119

"Immerse yourself in the captivating soundscape of 'Echoes 119' - a chillout track with a bass-heavy mix. Featuring natural guitars and bass, this atmospheric offering blends elements of chillout, alternative, electro, and indie. Produced by fresh_brewed_coffee_records.

#echoes119 #chillout #bassmusic #natural #indieelectro #freshbrewedcoffee"

Data Man 120 BPM

"Data Man" is a song that I play with my band. It is part of an indie rock project, and the band's first releases will also be available on Wavlake.

However, I am now releasing a remix of the song first, which is a bit unusual. The remix is essentially based on the original "Datamen" demo. The full band version has a more organic and rock-oriented sound.

Nevertheless, I think the remix turned out quite cool, and I'm curious to hear your comments. The song deals with the topic of big data and the new digital world.

Just for Fun Tracks!

Tracks that have been around for sometime on the computer. Published in 2023.


"An electronic journey capturing fragments of my emotions."..

First release

The album „Fragmentos“ marks my first complete release. Part of the material is over 10 years old and was almost lost on old hard drives. I don’t limit myself to electronic music, but back then, it was an experiment. At that time, things weren’t going well for me, and working on the music proved to be a great help. Remastering this material has been enjoyable, and now, I can present a small glimpse of the work. „Fragmentos“ is a cross-section of my work from that time.The title reflects its partly unfinished nature, like puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together. It’s sporadic and fragile, much like my emotional state back then.Future releases will gradually come through the „fresh brewed coffee“ label, encompassing various genres. Additionally, there are audiovisual projects in the pipeline. I hope you enjoy listening and share in the joy of the musical diversity possible in the independent realm.All FBC_Record releases are public and free, operating on the Value for Value principle. While we appreciate any Sats or other small donations, comments and positive reactions also motivate us for future uploads.If you enjoy the work and need production for your project or wish to use existing pieces, feel free to reach out! Now, have a great time listening. Love and greetings to everyone out there!